Sindbad 2nd ongoing circumnavigation, gaff rigged motor sailing vessel, sailing vacations with Sindbad Adventure
Where is Sindbad now?

About Sindbad

Powerful and luxurious, at 88' SINDBAD offers high adventure and excitement plus an amazing amount of interior and deck space to lounge, dine, sunbathe and dance under the stars.

The ship was built in 1930. She is a traditional, steel, 150-ton, gaff rigged motor sailing vessel, 88’ on deck, 19’ beam and 7’3” draft. Reminiscent of a romantic era of days gone by, with her rust colored gaff sails, varnished wheelhouse on the poop deck, plumb bow and counter stern, she exudes authenticity and charm and depicts a striking picture of that time. We bought her in Denmark in 1990 and renovated her into a fabulous home where we have lived ever since. Our two children were born and educated aboard during our first circumnavigation of the world - a very exciting 10-year voyage, which we made with them between 1996 and 2006. Now that they have both fled the nest we have decided to set off on a second round the world adventure. Life is a journey so why not make it a wild and wonderful ride!

Most people only anticipate a continuation of the things they know… But aren’t dreams and adventure what life is all about? ... Should any of these destinations inspire you and if you would like to experience the magic of living on the sea contact us!!

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Our objective is simple: to cruise at a leisurely pace through various archipelagos, in latitudes that offer the finest climates. Exploring, spending time with the indigenous tribes, swimming, snorkeling, relaxing in a hammock with a book, enjoying spectacular sunsets with a glass of champagne.